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Monday, February 7, 2011


               If the winter blues have given you a nightly ritual of watching Netflix on the couch, then these beers are for you. High in calories, flavor and a bit boozy! These elements combine together, putting you in your inevitable deep sleep. What could be better this time of year? Calories give us energy, but not when they come from sugar (like with beer). After the sugar rush ends, you crash, and I am a strong believer in taking advantage of that!

Top 3 Beers to crash on your couch with:

1) Sierra Nevada’s Bigfoot (Limited Selection, 330 Calories). With a APV of 9.5%, this Barleywine is one my favorite ways to warm up in the winter. If you’re unfamiliar with barely wines, this is a good one to try. It’s smooth, low on the alcohol flavor and has a bitter bite to back it up. One of my favorite hops, the Cascade, are used in the finishing and dry hopping process of this brew, giving it a hint of citrus while maintaining the sweetness barley wines are known for. The long finish allows you to enjoy all the contrasting flavors this beer has to offer. Let the laziness commence! (Ps. Store one and drink it next year!)

2) Boston Beer Company’s Sam Adam’s Cream Stout (Brewmasters Collection, 195 Calories). A roasty, milky cream Stout sure to please any dark ale lovers palette. This stout is based on the English style sweet stout, rather than an Irish stout, resulting in a sweeter and rounder body. A large portion of chocolate and caramel malts mix with a handful of English hops, creating a balanced body and sweetness. Boston Beer does a good job of delivering what they claim they will and no more. A solid Cream Stout sure to have you counting cows instead of sheep. (Did you know the Boston Lager has 180 Calories?)

3) New Belgium’s Fat Tire, (Year-round, 160 Calories). Not as full in calories, but still up there, is this unkept secret of the West. It’s the intellectual beer drinkers favorite and most of them have never even tried it! This biscuity Amber Ale gained quick popularity when brewer Jeff took his homebrewed creation around to the public and received an unexpected, but very positive response. It’s a good beer to pair with most foods due to its medium body and nice balance of malts, spices and a citrusy hop. If you can find it on the east coast, snag one. And hide it.

And while several other brewers world-wide were busy this winter making us unique treats, these are a few popular ones that could help you snooze the blues away, and are worth keeping in mind. Check back soon for more crafty suggestions, and as always, "Drink beer everyday!"

Next time: Valentines Day is coming, don't get awkward!