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Monday, May 9, 2011

Your next Mothers Day gift will be better.

      Did you buy your Mom a card yesterday? If you did, the founder of Mother's Day would be pissed! Inspired by her Mom's "Mothers' Day Work Clubs" that improved sanitary and health conditions, Anna Jarvis founded Mothers Day in 1914. Upset about it's commercialization in the 1920's Jarvis famously said "A printed card means nothing except that you are too lazy to write to the woman who has done more for you than anyone in the world. And candy! You take a box to Mother—and then eat most of it yourself!" She spent the rest of her life, and money, protesting what Mothers' Day had become. So next time you should play it safe (and not piss off Anna Jarvis)  by picking out a crafty brew your Mom will love! And since tomorrow is Mothers' Day in El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico you have a second chance! You can pretty much bank on the fact that if it's between the months of March - June, it's Mothers Day somewhere (and shouldn't it be?) This Mothers Day season we should keep in mind one of the most giving Mom's of all,  Mother Earth, and thank her for giving us the water, barley and hops we need to brew up a batch of love to share with our Moms. One brewery that keeps Big Momma in mind is Mother Earth Brewing Company from Kingston, NC. They keep sustainability a priority, from the solar panels on the brewery roof down to their "Hop Project" which produced 25 new hoppy friends for the brewery to maintain. These guys are on a mission to brew up some of the greenest beer in the country. If you can find some, send it to me! As for some beers you can more likely snag for your Mom today, tomorrow and any other day this season, here are some Mother approved brews:

Harpoon Brewery, UFO Raspberry Hefeweizen (5.10% ABV) - The first time I ordered this beer for my Mom she talked about the color the whole time. It pours a luscious pink amber hue, very pretty in a Pilsner glass. The smell and the taste are identical for this one, a very tart raspberry flavor hits you strong in the front. Some earthy, wheat flavors follow through on the back end, helping to balance out the sour fruit. A little burn from the alcohol but blends well with the tart berry and strong carbonation. A delicious beer to pair with a salad or poultry on a summer day (with MOM!)
Lost Coast Brewery, Tangerine Wheat (5 % ABV) - This is your very own Mimosa beer. It's like drinking orange juice in the morning, except your feeling a little more sassy with every sip! It pours a foggy orange color, which could easily be mistaken for pulp since the aroma of oranges is so apparent, but it's the wheat that gives this brew it's earthy presence. A tangy citrus flavor is present but not overwhelming, and is broken up by the sweet wheat malt that makes this brew reminiscent of a Creamsicle, yum! One of the most refreshing beers I have had till now, and any health conscious Mom would love to know her kids are getting a tasty serving of fruit (and were happy too!)  

Haandbryggeriet, Good Force (10% ABV) - Deemed the little sister of the Dark Force (their Double Imperial Wheat Stout), is the Good Force. Not much smaller than her  big brother, the Good Force is an Imperial Wheat Beer flavored with chamomile flowers. If you're looking to impress your Mother in law this summer, or any lady with taste, introduce her to this strong Norwegian wheat. Pouring a beautiful golden color, with a bubbly strong carbonation which amplifies spicy fruit scent of the yeast. That same yeast brings out the flavors of banana and lemon, pairing wonderfully with the sweet wheat and of course, the chamomile flowers. The chamomile offers more to the aroma then to the taste, but is responsible for that spicy kick that balances between the yeast and the sweet malts. A fine dining drink any lady deserves. Find out where you can take Mom to try this one!

     Let's not forget that before the Industrial Revolution, brewing was done in the home, by none other then Mom! Take a moment, the next time you're sipping a crafty brew, to raise your glass to all the Mom's in history that mastered the art of brewing and of whom were the original home-brewers for hundreds of years. 

Cheers to all Moms! They do more than we know. 

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